A Better Way to Buy Justus 


Want an easier way to buy Brother Justus Single Malt Whiskey directly from the distillery? Now you can purchase your bottles of our Single Malt American Whiskey online for later pickup at the distillery! 

Just three steps and a little upfront effort will “keep Justus flowing” for you and your family and friends: 

1.    Click on this link below. Select the number of purchases you wish to make and whether you wish that number of purchases to be made one time only or every month. 

Once you click “submit,” you will first receive a confirmation email within one business day (we do it by hand).  After the confirmation email, you will then receive an email invoice from our point of sales, Square, within one business day (again, we do it by hand).

2.    Open the invoice email and pay for your first purchase using the secure Square system. BE SURE TO CLICK “SAVE” TO AVOID HAVING TO COMPLETE FUTURE INVOICES. 

Once you complete these two steps, you will be invoiced and charged on different days during normal business hours for the number of bottles you purchase, and you will take title to one bottle for each charge.  We hold the bottle until payment is completed for all bottles and you are able to pick them up.  If you clicked “save” when making your first purchase, then we will be able to charge you automatically for all your future purchases on the day of each sale and you will not need to take any further action.  

3.    After all your bottles are paid for (2 bottles = 2 days; 3 bottles = 3 days, etc), come pick up your bottles at the distillery any time Fridays, 5:30-7:30pm and Saturdays 12-4pm .  You will need to bring ID verifying that you are the purchaser and that you are at least 21 years of age.

You may change or cancel your purchases any time by emailing business@brotherjustus.com. 

This process will ensure we comply with Minnesota’s “one sale of one 375ml bottle per person per day” law. 

By buying directly from the distillery, you help us build our business.  You become an important part of the humble beginnings of the Brother Justus story we believe one day will be told from coast to coast, from the Great Lakes to the Gulf, and even across the sea! 

Thank you!

Phil, James, Megan, and Craig