Minnesota Whiskey

Minnesota Whiskey

At Brother Justus Whiskey Co., we handcraft micro batches of single malt whiskeys, distilled from premium Minnesota malted barley, entirely on premises in our underground distillery in NE Minneapolis.  No shortcuts.  No outsourcing. Because that is how we believe great Minnesota whiskey is made. The reward for doing it right is a whiskey experience like no other.

Single Malt Silver Whiskey

Silver Whiskey is our name for exceptional single malt whiskey that is not barrel-aged and only lightly finished.  The result is a pure spirit that is smooth and soft, clean and complex, with hint of savory sage and sweet honey and blueberry.  Our Single Malt Silver Whiskey is delicate and well-balanced, having none of the off, metallic taste typical of vodkas and gins, nor the harsh syrupy sweetness of corn-based white whiskeys. Delicious neat, on ice, or as a superior alternative to vodka in cocktails.

Single Malt American Whiskey

Brother Justus Single Malt American Whiskey is matured in Minnesota-grown and Minnesota-coopered white oak barrels. We call it Single Malt American whiskey because the barrels are first-use, charred barrels, as required by American law, instead of re-used bourbon barrels, like Scotch.  The result is a smooth yet robust and flavorful whiskey that unfolds in layers of vanilla, butterscotch and grilled peaches, with a dry finish of toasted oak.  Rich but not stuffy, complex but not convoluted, Brother Justus Single Malt is a bold American whiskey whose fresh, friendly face hides exceptional strength and skill.  This is a whiskey to be savored by itself or in cocktails, alone or with friends.

That is why people who know whiskey have said:

It's the best whiskey in the state. Period.  -- Founder/owner of a well-known Minnesota craft distillery,

You put lightning in a bottle. -- Founder/owner of a leading Minnesota craft brewery.

No one else in Minnesota is making whiskey this good.  Not even close. -- Winner of a recent City Pages Iron Fork Best Cocktail contest.

I'd drink the [bleep] out of this. Like, every day.  -- Bartender and mixologist for a premier Twin Cities restaurant group.