Our Whiskey

We started our whiskey company because there was a whiskey in our imaginations that we couldn’t find on the shelves. A true Minnesota whiskey filled with the rich flavors and bold spirit of the North. A whiskey that is sweet and accessible like a bourbon, but with worlds to explore, like a scotch. A comfortable sipper to be savored on its own or as the centerpiece in a signature cocktail.
To achieve this, we start with pure barley, the grain of the North, richly malted for full flavor here in Minnesota. We brew and ferment the barley malt slowly over several days to produce a distiller’s beer packed with flavor and texture (and, of course, alcohol). Then we painstakingly distill our beer over the course of a day, making only the choicest selections to produce a well-balanced clear whiskey containing notes of caramel, banana, cocoa, vanilla, and lime. We fill a few bottles of this pure whiskey to sell from our distillery as Brother Justus Single Malt Silver.

The whiskey is now ready for the final step: aging in freshly charred barrels handcrafted in Minnesota by the father-and-son coopers at the Barrel Mill in Avon, Minnesota. We developed our whiskey recipe specifically to provide a structure of texture and flavor that complements and integrates the intense oak and woodsmoke flavors of these unique northern barrels.

Our Brother Justus Single Malt American Whiskey opens with a warm, sweet, buttery-smooth wave of butterscotch and toasted oak, with layers of vanilla and charred peach and smokey campfire finish

Made like scotch. Aged like bourbon. Tastes like Minnesota. It’s the whiskey we were missing until we made it ourselves.

It’s taken four years of hidden labor in our underground distillery, and countless iterations of malts and brewing, fermentation, distilling and aging techniques, to make this whiskey. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.