Whiskey supply

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Why you won't see us in every liquor store...

We are inspired by the clandestine home distilleries that once dotted central Minnesota during Prohibition.  Many of these home distilleries were built underground to fool the “Feds.” 

Our whiskey distillery is underground, too, hidden inside a warehouse building in NE Minneapolis.  Although bigger than the home distilleries of 100 years ago, we are still very small.  We craft each batch of whiskey, from grain to glass, entirely on premises and entirely by hand.  Making whiskey this way, we can be sure each bottle contains only the finest, handcrafted single malt whiskey.  Brother Justus whiskey ain’t mass produced. 

Making whiskey this way also means there will only be so many bottles made each month.  We are currently open most Friday evenings and Saturdays where you can sample both our Silver Whiskey and barrel-aged Single Malt American Whiskey before purchasing a bottle. We will only have a fixed number of bottles each month for purchase at our distillery. Later in the Summer of 2018, look for us at select Minnesota retailers, we'll keep you updated.  

There are quicker ways to sell more whiskey in farther-away places. For instance, we could buy bulk spirits from a factory in Indiana, put our label on it, and call it Minnesota craft whiskey.  Many do.  But not us. We seek to be true to the spirit of craft and the spirit of Minnesota.  We seek to be true to the spirit of Brother Justus.