Brother Justus

Minnesotans have always been a little… different.

We work hard to do things well and don’t talk much about ourselves. That might be why most people don’t know Minnesotans made some of the best Prohibition whiskey in America; coveted across the country and famed overseas.

In typical, trend-bucking fashion, Minnesotans didn’t start making whiskey until Prohibition. And our Prohibition story is one of good, outlaw monks and honorable farmers; not mobsters.

Minnesota immigrant farmers kept much of Europe in food during World War I. When the war ended in 1918, French and German farmers began growing their own food again. A good thing, for sure. But hard on Minnesota farmers who saw the market for their grain disappear overnight. Prices plummeted, plunging Minnesota farmers into poverty.

Our Whiskey

  • Single Malt Silver Whiskey

    America’s first unaged single malt whiskey.  Meticulously hand brewed and hand distilled from 100% Minnesota malted barley. Creamy, crisp, full-bodied and well-balanced. An incomparably versatile cocktail spirit.

  • Single Malt American Whiskey

    Uniquely rich and satisfying single malt American whiskey.  Hand brewed and hand distilled from 100% Minnesota malted barley.  Aged in charred Minnesota white oak barrels. Buttery smooth, with unfolding layers of butterscotch, toasted oak, roasted peach, and barbecue smoke. Made like scotch. Aged like bourbon. Tastes like Minnesota.

At Brother Justus Whiskey Co., we handcraft micro batches of single malt whiskeys, distilled from premium Minnesota malted barley, entirely on premises in our underground distillery in NE Minneapolis. No shortcuts. No outsourcing. Because that is how we believe great Minnesota whiskey is made. The reward for doing it right is a whiskey experience like no other.

Find Us

You can find Brother Justus Single Malt Whiskey at our underground distillery, store and tasting room in Northeast Minneapolis, and at select off sale and on sale retailers in the MSP Metro and Greater Minnesota. See map and list below.

You can buy our whiskey directly at our distillery during Store Hours, or purchase our whiskey online for later pickup. You can also purchase merchandise for shipping from our online store.

If you live outside of Minnesota, click on one of the following store links to find out if they ship to your state: France 44, Ace Spirits, St. Thomas Liquor

Please use the Contact Us form if you have any questions about how to find and buy our whiskey, including how to “demand Justus” at your favorite local bar or liquor store

      Tours and Events


      Fathers’ Day Private Distillery Tour and Tasting

      Saturday, June 20, 2020: Sold Out

      Saturday, June 27, 2020

      Humor thy Father. Treat him to a private tour and tasting at Brother Justus Whiskey Co.’s underground distillery led by founder Phil Steger Saturday, June 20, 2020 (sold out) and Saturday, June 27, 2020. Only 8 slots available.

      451 Taft St NE, Mpls, Door 35 Follow the Monk to the Underground Distillery.

      Our Team

      • Phil Steger

        Founder and CEO

        The man with the plan. The mastermind behind the dream of Minnesota Single Malt Whiskey
      • James Jefferson


        Part mad scientist, part honey badger. James is the genius behind every drop of whiskey we make.
      • Craig Blum


        A modern day alchemist, Craig transforms humble grain into the start of great whiskey: great beer.
      • Bill


        Bill the Still. He is the lynchpin of the whole operation. Named after William Trettle aka Brother Justus.