A Hidden Whiskey Distillery

Our founders have deep ties to the communities served by Brother Justus. Although our master distiller does not come from Minnesota’s underground whiskey community, he does come from three generations of distillers in a whiskey making community hidden in the hills of West Virginia.

For three years we have been laboring in an unmarked, underground distillery somewhere in Northeast Minneapolis. For three years we have been testing and pairing varieties of barleys and varieties Minnesota malts. We have been practicing and refining our brewing and fermentation process to coax the best, richest, most complex flavors from barley, the supreme beer and whiskey grain. And we have been perfecting our technique at the indispensable tool that allows us to distill beer into its purest, most delicious essence: our still.

We have tried different times in different barrels made from different oaks to determine the optimal maturing process for the best, smoothest flavors and most beautiful color. And we have concluded barrels made from Minnesota oak by folks from Minnesota’s whiskey making country are undeniably best.

Our single aim: to craft a perfect single malt whiskey worthy of Minnesota’s Prohibition-era whiskey makers and their patron, our namesake, Brother Justus, the young blacksmith-monk who built elite copper whiskey stills and gave them away to poor immigrant families. 

Soon we will be ready. You can taste for yourself whether we have used our times wisely. And see whether it was worth the wait.